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Record details

Course name Think family approach - Virtual half-day conference
Course dates and times
  • Date: Thursday, 25 November
  • Time: 9.15am to 12.45pm
Course information

We are hosting a half-day virtual conference, which will be free to all staff from all agencies within the Swindon Safeguarding Partnership (SSP).

The SSP promotes a ‘think family approach,’ moving away from a culture and system of: "I only work with adults" or "I only work with children." It is recommended that staff attend the whole morning as the topics will be relevant to those working in both adult and child safeguarding.

The topics covered will be:

  • Child Neglect including adolescent neglect and transition to adulthood.
  • Adult Self-neglect and impact on the family.


Booking information

To book a place at this conference, click on the link below: