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Training Handouts

Contextual Safeguarding 1 Hour Awareness session

Awareness sessions that will introduce Contextual Safeguarding and how it has the potential to better protect adolescents at risk of harm.  For Powerpoint slides click here 

The Right Help @ The Right Time Training

Powerpoint slides click here RF1 Document click here 'The Right Help at the Right Time' and 'Multi-Agency Standards for Safeguarding Children' click here

Child Exploitation

Swindon and Wiltshire child Sexual Exploitation Disruption Toolkit click here Child exploitation online training presentation click here Child exploitation initial screening tool click here Definitions click here Intelligence Submission Guidance click here Local Guidance click here Missing children and young people flowchart click here NWG Disruption Toolkit click here Reporting children missing process click here Reporting children missing questions click here Barnados Grooming Line click here Safe call resource provided by missing people click here  Resources and Web Links click here Suggested alternatives for describing behavious around CSE concerns click here  Spider Diagram click here Child Exploitation Awareness Day click here Post CE Awareness Day F&Q click here

Child Protection Level 2

PowerPoint slides click here  Level 2 Workbook click here  The Right Help at the Right Time click here

Child Protection Level 3

PowerPoint slides click here Level 3 Workbook click here  Multi-agency Standards for Safeguarding Children click here 

Children of Alcohol Dependant Parents

Final Webinar FASD slides on 28 January 2021 click here Extra Q&As from webinar click here

Early Help Assessment and Planning

Early Help Record of Assessments click here Genogram click here Case Mapping document click here Blank Case Mapping click here Threshold Framework (Oct 2019) click here Privacy Notice Early Help click here

MASH Open Day 2020

Handout click here  The Right Help at the Right Time click here   RF1 Form click here

Practice Reflection Workshop CSE

NWG Disruption toolkit click here  Key findings/JTAI report child exploitation click here  CSE Police & Prevention Toolkit click here SSP Plan on a Page click here CSE Professional Handbook click here