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Training statement

SSP Multi-Agency Training Programme 2021-2022

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership (SSP) is pleased to announce the launch of a new training programme and style for the 2021-2022 year.  This training will now be modular and consist of both core and specialist training modules.  These core and specialist modules are detailed below, along with further detailed information about the training programme and how it will work.

Basic Training: For those who need a more basic level of safeguarding knowledge, i.e., administrators, receptionists, health care assistants, this training should be provided in house by each agency for each of adult safeguarding, child safeguarding and domestic abuse.  Online learning covering basic safeguarding training can also be accessed via the training section of the SSP website.

Core modules – Safeguarding Training for Practitioners: For those that need an advanced knowledge of safeguarding, i.e., nurses, doctors, social workers, the police, firefighters, paramedics, teachers and early years, (this list is not exhaustive) the safeguarding partnership will provide locally-focussed core modules on the key learning that practitioners will only be able to gain from a local teaching programme.  This may be supplemented by online learning and in-house teaching, but all agencies should enable their relevant staff to attend the following core modules

Modular Programme – Core Modules

Below is an overview of the modular programme.  Please note, some modules (in italics) are still in development/being commissioned and are therefore not currently available on the safeguarding partnership website to book.  (For the purposes of health, all of these modules are at Level 3)

Safeguarding both Adults and Children Core module – half day

Module – Legal Training 1 - Consent, Capacity, and Information Sharing

Safeguarding Children Core Training Modules – all half day

Module – Identifying safeguarding concerns and Making Referrals
Module – Right Help at the Right Time (Early Help/MASH - Threshold Training)
Module – Local processes, learning from SCRs, LCRs and audits. (some themed 7 minute and Practice Briefs are available)
Module – Strategy discussions, case conferences, and core groups.

Safeguarding Adults Core Training Modules – all half day

Module – Local processes and procedures, learning from reviews and audits (some themed 7 minute and Practice Briefs are available)
Module – Identifying Safeguarding Concerns, threshold training, referrals

Module – Screening, section 42 enquiries, planning meetings, adult safeguarding plans
Module – Legal Training 2 - Best-interest decisions, self-neglect and LPS

Module – Safeguarding and Self-Neglect/hoarding

Specialist Modules:

The following modules are intended for those who will require these skills within their practice.

Safeguarding both adult and child specialist training modules – half day
The following specialist modules will be offered that cover both adult and child safeguarding where possible:

Module – Safer recruitment
Module – Safeguarding supervision

Safeguarding Children Specialist Training Modules – half day unless otherwise stated

Module – Keeping Safe Online and Cyber Exploitation

Module - Conference – mock conference. In the interim if anyone wishes to observe a child protection conference they can contact the SQA team to arrange this email
Module – GCP2 assessor training (full day)
Module - Managing allegations
Module – Child exploitation
Module – Disabled children and child protection (full day)
Module – Neglect
Module – Working with resistant families
Module – Recognising and responding to Child Sexual Abuse

Domestic Abuse modules commissioned by SSP (other modules are commissioned by CSP)

Domestic Abuse – impact on children

Honour Based Abuse, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation

Other courses:

AIM 3 awareness (child)

MASH/ACP Open Morning

Click here to book a place on a training course

The key features of the Swindon Safeguarding Training Programme:

  • All courses will continue to be delivered virtually for 2021-22 due to Covid
  • The multi-agency training offer will comprise of both core and specialist modules
  • These modules will be aimed at professionals working directly with children and adults across all agencies
  • There is a new multi-agency training programme for safeguarding adults.
  • There will no longer be different “levels” allocated to each course, as levels can mean different standards across our partnership organisations and has previously caused some confusion.
  • For staff who may require a basic/awareness level training, such as administrators and receptionists, online and within-agency training is recommended by the SSP. Access to free online eLearning modules are available on the SSP website; these modules have been quality assured by the members of the SSP Practice Development Group and provide training on a range of topics.
  • We are aware that NHS staff still work to levels and evidence of these are required for CQC.  All of the offered face-to-face (virtual) core and specialist modules will be at the NHS level 3.
  • More use of blended learning opportunities such as 7-minute briefs, themed practice briefings these can be accessed through the SSP website.
  • A tailored programme will be provided for schools – details will be released at a later date.

For Swindon Safeguarding Partnership Training Programme Information and FAQs click here

If you need to cancel a place on a training course, please use the link sent in the confirmation e-mail.  If you have any queries, you can contact the SSP Business Team:​​​

All courses must be booked through the Virtual Courses & E-Learning page of the SSP website .  If a booking is received for a course that is marked as FULL on this page, then the applicant is unlikely to be allocated a place and any payment made may not be refunded.


Training for Childminders

Childminders are unique in that they take lead responsbility for protecting children themselves:

  • they do not deliver services within a 'traditional' organisational framework referred to in many statutory and procedural documents
  • they are often self-employed and usually work alone, and are therefore particularly vulnerable to incidents of allegations and complaints
  • they are generally unavailable to attend training during Monday to Friday business hours

We, therefore, provide bespoke Child Protection training for childminders.

Level 2 Plus training – suitable for new childminders

Level 2 Plus refresher training – suitable for childminders to update their training every 2 years.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we are unable to offer face-to-face Level 2 Plus or Level 2 Plus Refresher training at the current time so, as an interim arrangement, we are signposting you to the Virtual College Safeguarding courses (see below).

We are advising that;

Each course involves 7-8 hours of online study at a cost of £20 per course. A certificate is issued when the course has been completed.

If you already subscribe to an organisation which offers level 2 and level 3 Child Protection training you may choose to complete their training instead.

Please follow Virtual College link to book.