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Adult Safeguarding


LSAB Annual Report

This is the Local Safeguarding Adult Board’s (LSAB) Annual Report for 2018-19.   It is a statutory duty for LSABs to publish an annual report to show the Board and Member organisations the work undertaken to deliver the LSAB priorities. This is the fourth annual report since the Care Act 2014 required local authorities to work with the CCG and Police to establish Safeguarding Adult Boards on a statutory footing.

The Annual Report includes:

· An overview of adult safeguarding activity during 2018/19 with case examples

· An outline of progress made in addressing LSAB priorities for 2018/19 and other developments throughout the year.

· Progress on embedding the learning from the Safeguarding Adult Review in 2017/18.

· Update on the Risk Enablement Panel activity

· Submissions from key partner agencies and members of LSAB covering achievements and challenges with case examples

· An overview of Swindon Safeguarding Partnership Priorities for 2019/20

LSAB Structure

Multi-agency safeguarding in Swindon

Wiltshire Police, Swindon Borough Council and Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have published a new plan. This is designed to ensure they are doing all they can as a partnership, to safeguard children and adults at risk.

Government guidance in 2018 set out how local areas should work to replace Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB) with new partnership arrangements. “Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018” requires that as local safeguarding partners, the council, the police and the CCG should publish arrangements to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of local children.

In Swindon this means that there will be a Safeguarding Partnership. This will bring together those who lead Swindon’s services to safeguard children and adults. The plan is based on a clear and simple recognition that children, young people and adults live in families and local communities, that can be both places of support and risk. The partnership will be informed by the views of children, adults and those who support them. It will also and develop services that are responsive to their needs.

Arrangements for the transition to the new partnership are underway with the Swindon Safeguarding Partnership coming in to effect on Sunday, 28 July 2019.

Reporting abuse

A number of ways you can report abuse are detailed below.

Complete an online form:

Multi agency safeguarding adults online referral form

If the adult is in immediate danger, in need of medical attention or if a crime has been committed, contact the Emergency Services (Police and/or Ambulance Service).

Contact one of the following agencies depending on the circumstances:

Adult safeguarding team, Swindon Borough Council

Tel: 01793 463555

E-mail: (During office hours - Monday to Friday inclusive, 8.30am to 5.00pm). 

Safeguarding adults investigation team, Wiltshire Police

Tel: 01380 826350 (During office hours: Monday to Friday inclusive, 9.00am-5.00pm).

Out-of-hours emergency duty service

The emergency duty service is only for reporting safeguarding concerns that require urgent action out of normal working hours. Any other concerns should be forwarded to the Adult Safeguarding Team at, which will be processed the next working day.

Tel: 01793 436699

Police out-of-hours contact

Tel: 101

Links to the LSAB

Risk Management Panel

The Risk Management Panel is a multi-agency risk assessment process to ensure effective case planning and decision making in relation to adults with multiple needs who do not reach the threshold of Adult Safeguarding investigations and the process will only be enacted when all other interventions have not produced an improvement in outcomes for the individual of concern. The role of the Panel is to facilitate, develop risk management plans and monitor their effectiveness.

The panel was set up following the outcome of an Adult Case Review which highlighted the need for a more coordinated approach when dealing with people who have chaotic lifestyles.