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Multi - agency safeguarding children training courses are targeted at all staff from statutory, voluntary and independent agencies who work with children, young people, parents, families and vulnerable adults in Swindon

The SSP training programme is underpinned by an ethos which values working together collaboratively across agencies, respecting diversity, promoting equality, is child centred and promotes the participation of children, young people and families in the process.

What Training is Right for Me?

The SSP has determined that all those working with children, young people and/or parents/carers must access training in child protection and safeguarding. This should include training as part of their agency induction and refresher training at least every three years. 

The SSP recommends that those members of the workforce who predominantly work with children, young people and/or parent/carers, or who have specialist responsibilities or designated responsibility for child protection, or are operational managers involved in child protection should receive both single agency and multi-agency child protection training. 

The current training programme seeks to meet this need and incorporates training at different levels:

Overview of​ Training Levels - Core Training Pathway

Level 1 Child Protection Training

Level 2 Child Protection Training

Level 3 Child Protection Training

Level 4 Child Protection Training

For more information on the levels of training and to find out what training courses are relevant to your job role, skills and competencies please go to the Training Brochure.

​Training for Early Y​ear's Staff and Childminders

Professionals and practitioners who work with children and young people need to ensure that they access the appropriate safeguarding training. 

For Registered childminders
The unique nature of the home-based setting means that there are additional considerations to support the development of childminder's safeguarding processes:

  • they do not deliver services within a “traditional” organisational framework referred to in many statutory and procedural documents
  • they are often self-employed and usually work alone, and are therefore particularly vulnerable to incidents of allegations and complaints
  • they are generally unavailable to attend training during Monday to Friday business hours

Message from Ceri McAteer

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer face to face level 2 Plus Child Protection training at the current time so as an interim arrangement we are signposting you to the Virtual College Safeguarding courses (see below).

Each course involves 7-8 hours of online study at a cost of £20 per course. A certificate is issued when the course has been completed.

We are advising that;

· All childminders complete level 1 Child Protection training (free E learning training on SSP website)

· Childminders who have already completed a Child Protection level 2 or level 2+ training should refresh their training by completing the Safeguarding Children, level 3, Virtual College training

· Childminders who haven’t previously completed a level 2 or a level 2+ Child Protection training should complete the Safeguarding Children level 2 and level 3 Virtual College training.

If you already subscribe to an organisation which offers level 2 and level 3 Child Protection training you may choose to complete their training.

Please ignore the Booking section below and follow Virtual College link to book.

For all other early years staff (e.g. pre-school/day nursery) virtual Child Protection Level 2 and Level 3 courses are available to book through the Virtual Courses and E-Learning Page.


Applications should be made in the first instance via your line manager (or designated training lead) for approval.

All courses must be booked through the Virtual Courses & E-Learning page of the SSP website .  If a booking is received for a course that is marked as FULL on this page, then the applicant is unlikely to be allocated a place and any payment made may not be refunded.

If you are booking a virtual course, please leave 'Half Day' selected to ensure you are charged the correct amount. 

Frequency of Training

​Keeping Child Safe in Education 2018 recommends that, in schools, colleges and maintained nursery schools, the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and any deputies should undergo training to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role and that the training should be updated every two years (this also applies to childminders).  For all other staff, the SSP recommends that child protection training is refreshed every three years.

The SSP runs courses that are 'suitable for update training'.  The SSP recommends that every other update course should be the full Level 2/3 course.  E.g. A Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) in a School is required to complete Child Protection Training at Level 3 and update their training every two years:

2019: DSL must complete Level 3 Child Protection as this is their first course

2021: DSL chooses to complete Working with Neglect course as their 'refresher training'

2023: DSL must complete Level 3 Child Protection course to refresh their training


Anyone working within Swindon with children, young people and families, in the statutory or voluntary and community sector may apply for any SSP training courses.  For staff whose organisations contribute to the Swindon LSCB budget, places will be free of charge (with the exception of Early Years Staff and Childminders who are charged £25 per course).  For those who do not contribute, fees will be charged at the following rate:
£50 per person for half-day training
£100 per person for a full-day course
£25 per person for Early Years staff and Childminders
E-learning courses are FREE of charge
Small charities may be eligible for free or discounted training.  Eligibility will be considered by the SSP on a case by case basis.  
NB Schools do not contribute to the SSP budget and therefore incur fee charges

Cancellation Policy

The demand for SSP training is ever increasing and there are more and more organisations accessing the training we offer. The increased demand does mean we need to reduce the instances where people do not attend training and have not cancelled in ample time to allow others the opportunity to take their place.

Any delegate failing to attend a course or cancelling a place without 10 working days notice will incur the following charges:

£50 per person for half-day training
£100 per person for a full-day courses
£25 per person for Early Years / Childminders
£15 per person for elearning courses

If you need to cancel a place on a training course, please use the link sent in the confirmation e-mail.  If you have any queries, you can contact the SSP Business Team:​​​

PLEASE NOTE All courses must be booked through the Virtual Courses & E-Learning page of the SSP website .  If a booking is received for a course that is marked as FULL on this page, then the applicant is unlikely to be allocated a place and any payment made may not be refunded.

Commissioning Training

If you would like to discuss commissioning the SSP to deliver training within your own organisation please email