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Swindon Safeguarding Partnership categories

Training Material

Child Criminal Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 344.25 KB

CSE and Young People with Learning Disabilities - LSCB (PDF)

Size: 80.37 KB

Conference and Core Groups (PDF)

Size: 331.09 KB

CSE Not Just for Girls - Looking at Boys and LGBT and Young People -LSCB (PDF)

Size: 229.98 KB

CSE Workshop What is consent (PDF)

Size: 252.5 KB

Child Sexual Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 352.83 KB

Domestic Abuse (PDF)

Size: 338.9 KB

Early Help – Action Plans and Working on Outcomes (PDF)

Size: 303.38 KB

Early Help Record and Plan (PDF)

Size: 310.36 KB

Child Criminal Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 344.25 KB

Early Help – Role of the Lead Professional and Chair (PDF)

Size: 319.5 KB

Early Help Record and Plan for Childminders (PDF)

Size: 307.93 KB

Emotional Abuse (Recognising and Responding to) (PDF)

Size: 333.56 KB

HBV FM FGM training Feb 2018 (4) (PDF)

Size: 129.5 KB

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery (PDF)

Size: 337.31 KB


Size: 92.09 KB

Level 1 Child Protection (PDF)

Size: 346.12 KB

Keeping Safe Online and Cyber Exploitation (PDF)

Size: 347.61 KB

Escalating Concerns (PDF)

Size: 335.33 KB

Level 2+ Child Protection for Childminders (PDF)

Size: 332.56 KB

Learning from Serious Case Review (PDF)

Size: 344.09 KB

Level 2 Child Protection (PDF)

Size: 354.41 KB

Missing Children (PDF)

Size: 340.99 KB

Level 3 Child Protection (PDF)

Size: 341.43 KB

Neglect (Working with) (PDF)

Size: 337.94 KB

Parental Substance Misuse (PDF)

Size: 330.34 KB

LSCB Annual Conference (PDF)

Size: 213.45 KB

Safeguarding Disabled Children (PDF)

Size: 339.07 KB

Parental Mental Health (PDF)

Size: 345.5 KB

Level 2+ Child Protection Refresher for Childminders (PDF)

Size: 336.84 KB

Safeguarding Supervision and Management Oversight (PDF)

Size: 336.4 KB

Safer Recruitment Update (PDF)

Size: 341.22 KB

Safer Recruitment (PDF)

Size: 328.93 KB

Sexually Harmful Behaviour (PDF)

Size: 329.61 KB

Sexual Abuse (Recognising and Responding to) (PDF)

Size: 328.8 KB

Working with CSE - Skills and Practice - LSCB (PDF)

Size: 93.92 KB

Working with Resistant Families (PDF)

Size: 338.12 KB

Working with Parents and CSE - LSCB (PDF)

Size: 93.66 KB

Radicalisation (PDF)

Size: 344.72 KB

Managing Allegations (PDF)

Size: 343.33 KB

LSCB Thresholds Courses (12.04.19) (PDF)

Size: 235.88 KB

MASH Open Day 2020_handout 230620 (PDF)

Size: 814.96 KB

SSP Evaluation form virtual (June 20) (DOC)

Size: 50 KB


Size: 1.71 MB


Size: 1.6 MB


Size: 1.71 MB

Safeguarding Adults

Swindon_SAB_Strategic_Plan_2018_21 (PDF)

Size: 212.03 KB

LSAB__annual_report_14_15 (PDF)

Size: 1.31 MB

Social_Care_Institue_Excellence_Review___Honor (PDF)

Size: 489.51 KB

Swindon_SAB_Risk_Register_201821 (PDF)

Size: 203.12 KB

SAR_Statement (PDF)

Size: 252.3 KB

LSAB_annual_report_2016_2017 (PDF)

Size: 1.57 MB

LSAB__Annual_report_15_16 (PDF)

Size: 1.65 MB

Annual Report 2017-2018 (PDF)

Size: 1.08 MB

LSAB Business Plan 2018-21 (updated Jul 19) (PDF)

Size: 469.43 KB