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Innovation Fund for Alcohol Dependent Parents (PDF)

Size: 661.71 KB

Swindon & Wiltshire Children Missing from Home & Care (PDF)

Size: 560.08 KB

SCR Q - Learning Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 571.47 KB

New LSCB Child Exploitation Courses (PDF)

Size: 221.15 KB

New LSCB Level 4 Courses (PDF)

Size: 213.08 KB

Working with Resistant Families (PDF)

Size: 338.12 KB

Private Fostering Guide for Young People (PDF)

Size: 277.68 KB

Private Fostering Guide for Parents (PDF)

Size: 254.75 KB

Replace inappropriate terms with suggested alternatives (DOCX)

Size: 25.21 KB

MARP Operating Protocol & TOR Final (PDF)

Size: 578.67 KB

CSE Briefing paper (PDF)

Size: 235.94 KB

Private Fostering Guide for Professionals (PDF)

Size: 261.51 KB

Serious Case Review - Child G - Learning Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 546.32 KB

Compliance Check-List (PDF)

Size: 381.59 KB

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements 23-24 (PDF)

Size: 653.35 KB

Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

Size: 364.15 KB

MCA - 5 Principles (PNG)

Size: 127.59 KB

Threshold of needs protocol guidance (PDF)

Size: 1.48 MB

Safeguarding Adults Staff Guide (PDF)

Size: 164.53 KB

7 Minute Brief - What are 7 minute briefs (PPTX)

Size: 115.89 KB

CP3 Slides Sept19_PW (PDF)

Size: 1.55 MB

CP2 Slides SEPT19_PW (PDF)

Size: 1.62 MB

CP Level 2 Workbook Sept19_PW (DOCX)

Size: 639.5 KB

CP3 workbook Sept19_PW (DOCX)

Size: 101 KB

7 minute brief Private Fostering (PPTX)

Size: 104.54 KB

PF-posters (PDF)

Size: 3.16 MB

Swindon Safeguarding Information Sharing PISA (DOCX)

Size: 99.16 KB

SCR M - Learning Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 106.58 KB

7 Minute Brief Neglect Framework October 2020 (PPTX)

Size: 158.44 KB

7 Minute Brief MCA Amended (PPTX)

Size: 152.44 KB

Evaluation Form (DOC)

Size: 50.5 KB

1 Swindon Allegation Management Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 622.17 KB

2 Swindon Allegation Management Flowchart (PDF)

Size: 580.17 KB

Swindon Allegation Management Referral Form (DOCX)

Size: 82.3 KB

Deadlines 2020-22 for website (PDF)

Size: 442.71 KB

Something's Not Right Supporters Pack (PDF)

Size: 198.16 KB

Advice & Information sheet- Daisy December 2020 (PDF)

Size: 348.09 KB

Terms of Reference (PDF)

Size: 834.41 KB

Covid Scam Alert (JPEG)

Size: 259.22 KB

Terms of Reference (PDF)

Size: 974.54 KB

SAR Terry Learning Brief (PPTX)

Size: 75.82 KB

SAR Kieran Executive Summary (PDF)

Size: 552.48 KB

SAR Kieran Full Report (PDF)

Size: 1.1 MB

SAR Learning brief - Kieran (PDF)

Size: 530.28 KB

Child_Exploitation_Initial_Screening_Tool (1) (DOC)

Size: 52.5 KB

Threshold Training Presentation 2020 (002) (PPTX)

Size: 2.03 MB

COVID 19 Practice briefing (PDF)

Size: 388.36 KB

Madlug (PDF)

Size: 191.05 KB

TASP Webinar _250321_Opening up conversations about trauma with new and expectant parents at risk from domestic abuse (DOCX)

Size: 32.79 KB

Vietnamese (PDF)

Size: 414.09 KB

Building a Resilient Swindon (PDF)

Size: 177.48 KB

Appropriate-language-Child-sexual-andor-criminal-exploitation-guidance-for-professionals (PDF)

Size: 332.48 KB

Deadlines 2021-22 for website (PDF)

Size: 425.81 KB

CV19 Practice Briefing (PDF)

Size: 388.36 KB

Virtual Youth and Early Intervention Forums (DOCX)

Size: 40.44 KB

Multi agency contribution form version 4 (002) (DOCX)

Size: 37.63 KB

South West Position of Trust Framework (PDF)

Size: 1.08 MB

SSP Child Protection Conference Induction Pack_220621 (PDF)

Size: 1.11 MB

CYP Outreach - 2021 Referral Form (DOCX)

Size: 78.36 KB

CYP Outreach Referral Pathway July21 (PDF)

Size: 131.49 KB

SDASS CYP Outreach Service Letter 2021 (PDF)

Size: 186.67 KB

Swindon Prevent and Channel Overview Slides 25.06.2021 v2 (PDF)

Size: 921.2 KB

SSP _7 minute brief_ NSPCC Permanence Framework_Swindon_070721 (PDF)

Size: 467.73 KB

SAR Consideration Request - Part 1 updated 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 329.28 KB

Social Media Guidance Parents final (PDF)

Size: 496.4 KB

Family support referral form (002) (DOCX)

Size: 185.65 KB

SSP Underage_Sexual_Activity_Guidance_Updated Jan 2021.docx (DOCX)

Size: 42.64 KB

SSP Underage_Sexual_Activity_Guidance_Updated Jan 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 42.64 KB

SSP CSE_Briefing_Underage_Sexual_Activity_updated Jan 2021.docx (DOCX)

Size: 44.62 KB

SSP_ 7 Minute Brief_ Adult Safeguarding_ Making Safeguarding Personal August 2021 (PDF)

Size: 753.88 KB

Allegation Management Guidance - updated (PDF)

Size: 832.19 KB

Swindon Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse Strategy 2021 -2024 (PDF)

Size: 683.14 KB

Swindon Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy 2021 – 2024 (PDF)

Size: 827.37 KB

SSP Strategic Plan 2023-2026 (PDF)

Size: 542.43 KB

Executive Summary Safeguarding Adult Review – Alison (PDF)

Size: 414.14 KB

SAR Alison Final Report (PDF)

Size: 974.67 KB

SAR Alison Learning Brief (PDF)

Size: 860.12 KB

LCSPR Babies with Injuries Report (PDF)

Size: 649.86 KB

LCSPR Babies with Injuries Practice Brief (PDF)

Size: 2.35 MB

SSP Annual Report 2020-21 (PDF)

Size: 1.3 MB

Process for the Resolution of Professional Disagreement Relating to Safeguarding Protection of Adults Policy (PDF)

Size: 711.19 KB

SAR Andrew Final Report (PDF)

Size: 796.75 KB

SAR Andrew Practice Brief (PDF)

Size: 982.72 KB

SAR Andrew Executive Summary (PDF)

Size: 393.21 KB

A thematic review of financial exploitation/coercion from SAR Alison (authored by Nicola Sawyer)

SAR Brenda executive summary

SAR Brenda executive summary (PDF)

Size: 422.74 KB

SAR Brenda full report

SAR Brenda full report (PDF)

Size: 797.57 KB

SAR Brenda practice brief

SAR Brenda practice brief (PPTX)

Size: 333.15 KB

SAR Brian executive summary

SAR Brian executive summary (PDF)

Size: 592.67 KB

SAR Brian full report

SAR Brian full report (PDF)

Size: 1.26 MB

SAR Brian practice brief

SAR Brian practice brief (PPTX)

Size: 332.48 KB

SSP action plan proforma

SSP action plan proforma (DOCX)

Size: 280.67 KB

SAR Frankie practice brief

SAR Frankie executive summary (PDF)

Size: 422.67 KB

SAR Frankie full report (PDF)

Size: 736.48 KB

SAR Frankie learning brief (PPTX)

Size: 212.78 KB

SSP action plan proforma (DOCX)

Size: 280.67 KB

Safeguarding Adults Review – Summer, November 2023

SAR Summer full report (PDF)

Size: 428.2 KB

SAR Summer practice brief (PDF)

Size: 420.05 KB

SSP Action plan proforma (DOCX)

Size: 280.8 KB

Safeguarding Adults Review – Robert, March 2024

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership Induction Presentation 2024-24

Document introducing Swindon Safeguarding Partnership, the service functions and purpose.

Safeguarding Adults Review – Wendy, May 2024

SAR Wendy Brief Findings Report (PDF)

Size: 209.36 KB

SAR Wendy 7 minute briefing (PDF)

Size: 875.17 KB

SSP Action Plan Proforma (DOCX)

Size: 279.72 KB