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Innovation Fund for Alcohol Dependent Parents (PDF)

Size: 661.71 KB

Swindon & Wiltshire Children Missing from Home & Care (PDF)

Size: 560.08 KB

SCR Q - Learning Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 571.47 KB

New LSCB Child Exploitation Courses (PDF)

Size: 221.15 KB

New LSCB Level 4 Courses (PDF)

Size: 213.08 KB

Working with Resistant Families (PDF)

Size: 338.12 KB

Private Fostering Guide for Young People (PDF)

Size: 277.68 KB

Private Fostering Guide for Parents (PDF)

Size: 254.75 KB

Replace inappropriate terms with suggested alternatives (DOCX)

Size: 25.21 KB

MARP Operating Protocol & TOR Final (PDF)

Size: 578.67 KB

CSE Briefing paper (PDF)

Size: 235.94 KB

Private Fostering Guide for Professionals (PDF)

Size: 261.51 KB

Serious Case Review - Child G - Learning Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 546.32 KB

Compliance Check-List (PDF)

Size: 381.59 KB

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements 23-24 (PDF)

Size: 653.35 KB

Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

Size: 364.15 KB

MCA - 5 Principles (PNG)

Size: 127.59 KB

Threshold of needs protocol guidance (PDF)

Size: 1.48 MB

Safeguarding Adults Staff Guide (PDF)

Size: 164.53 KB

7 Minute Brief - What are 7 minute briefs (PPTX)

Size: 115.89 KB

CP3 Slides Sept19_PW (PDF)

Size: 1.55 MB

CP2 Slides SEPT19_PW (PDF)

Size: 1.62 MB

CP Level 2 Workbook Sept19_PW (DOCX)

Size: 639.5 KB

CP3 workbook Sept19_PW (DOCX)

Size: 101 KB

7 minute brief Private Fostering (PPTX)

Size: 104.54 KB

PF-posters (PDF)

Size: 3.16 MB

Swindon Safeguarding Information Sharing PISA (DOCX)

Size: 99.16 KB

SCR M - Learning Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 106.58 KB

7 Minute Brief Neglect Framework October 2020 (PPTX)

Size: 158.44 KB

7 Minute Brief MCA Amended (PPTX)

Size: 152.44 KB

Evaluation Form (DOC)

Size: 50.5 KB

1 Swindon Allegation Management Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 622.17 KB

2 Swindon Allegation Management Flowchart (PDF)

Size: 580.17 KB

Swindon Allegation Management Referral Form (DOCX)

Size: 82.3 KB

Deadlines 2020-22 for website (PDF)

Size: 442.71 KB

Something's Not Right Supporters Pack (PDF)

Size: 198.16 KB

Advice & Information sheet- Daisy December 2020 (PDF)

Size: 348.09 KB

Terms of Reference (PDF)

Size: 834.41 KB

Covid Scam Alert (JPEG)

Size: 259.22 KB

Terms of Reference (PDF)

Size: 974.54 KB

SAR Terry Learning Brief (PPTX)

Size: 75.82 KB

SAR Kieran Executive Summary (PDF)

Size: 552.48 KB

SAR Kieran Full Report (PDF)

Size: 1.1 MB

SAR Learning brief - Kieran (PDF)

Size: 530.28 KB

Child_Exploitation_Initial_Screening_Tool (1) (DOC)

Size: 52.5 KB

Threshold Training Presentation 2020 (002) (PPTX)

Size: 2.03 MB

COVID 19 Practice briefing (PDF)

Size: 388.36 KB

Madlug (PDF)

Size: 191.05 KB

TASP Webinar _250321_Opening up conversations about trauma with new and expectant parents at risk from domestic abuse (DOCX)

Size: 32.79 KB

Vietnamese (PDF)

Size: 414.09 KB

Building a Resilient Swindon (PDF)

Size: 177.48 KB

Appropriate-language-Child-sexual-andor-criminal-exploitation-guidance-for-professionals (PDF)

Size: 332.48 KB

Deadlines 2021-22 for website (PDF)

Size: 425.81 KB

CV19 Practice Briefing (PDF)

Size: 388.36 KB

Virtual Youth and Early Intervention Forums (DOCX)

Size: 40.44 KB

Multi agency contribution form version 4 (002) (DOCX)

Size: 37.63 KB

South West Position of Trust Framework (PDF)

Size: 1.08 MB

SSP Child Protection Conference Induction Pack_220621 (PDF)

Size: 1.11 MB

CYP Outreach - 2021 Referral Form (DOCX)

Size: 78.36 KB

CYP Outreach Referral Pathway July21 (PDF)

Size: 131.49 KB

SDASS CYP Outreach Service Letter 2021 (PDF)

Size: 186.67 KB

Swindon Prevent and Channel Overview Slides 25.06.2021 v2 (PDF)

Size: 921.2 KB

SSP _7 minute brief_ NSPCC Permanence Framework_Swindon_070721 (PDF)

Size: 467.73 KB

SAR Consideration Request - Part 1 updated 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 329.28 KB

Social Media Guidance Parents final (PDF)

Size: 496.4 KB

SSP 7 Minute Brief_ Graded Care Profile 2 Antenatal_July 2021 (PPTX)

Size: 159.92 KB

Family support referral form (002) (DOCX)

Size: 185.65 KB

SSP Underage_Sexual_Activity_Guidance_Updated Jan 2021.docx (DOCX)

Size: 42.64 KB

SSP Underage_Sexual_Activity_Guidance_Updated Jan 2021 (DOCX)

Size: 42.64 KB

SSP CSE_Briefing_Underage_Sexual_Activity_updated Jan 2021.docx (DOCX)

Size: 44.62 KB

SSP_ 7 Minute Brief_ Adult Safeguarding_ Making Safeguarding Personal August 2021 (PDF)

Size: 753.88 KB

Allegation Management Guidance - updated (PDF)

Size: 832.19 KB

Swindon Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse Strategy 2021 -2024 (PDF)

Size: 683.14 KB

Swindon Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Strategy 2021 – 2024 (PDF)

Size: 827.37 KB

SSP Strategic Plan 2023-2026 (PDF)

Size: 542.43 KB

Executive Summary Safeguarding Adult Review – Alison (PDF)

Size: 414.14 KB

SAR Alison Final Report (PDF)

Size: 974.67 KB

SAR Alison Learning Brief (PDF)

Size: 860.12 KB

LCSPR Babies with Injuries Report (PDF)

Size: 649.86 KB

LCSPR Babies with Injuries Practice Brief (PDF)

Size: 2.35 MB

SSP Annual Report 2020-21 (PDF)

Size: 1.3 MB

Process for the Resolution of Professional Disagreement Relating to Safeguarding Protection of Adults Policy (PDF)

Size: 711.19 KB

SAR Andrew Final Report (PDF)

Size: 796.75 KB

SAR Andrew Practice Brief (PDF)

Size: 982.72 KB

SAR Andrew Executive Summary (PDF)

Size: 393.21 KB

NSPCC working with child neglect during COVID-19

Document designed to provide practitioners with guidance that may prove useful in understanding parental behaviour and establishing the needs of the most vulnerable children experiencing neglect.

Guidance on attending training in Microsoft Teams

Guidance for delegates attending training on Microsoft Teams.

Module - strategy discussions, child protection conferences and core group

Power Point presentation for delegates attending the strategy discussions, case conferences, and core groups course. Updated on 15 May 2023.

Honour-based abuse, forced marriage and female genital mutilation - Training slides

Presentation slides for the SSP training course 'Honour-based abuse, forced marriage and female genital mutilation'. Published June 2023.

Daniel Pelka case study

Resource for the SSP training course 'Working with resistant families'.

Daniel Pelka case study (PDF)

Size: 444.08 KB

Managing allegations - Training materials

Post-course handouts and resources for the SSP training course 'Managing allegations': Training slides, flowchart and leaflet. Published February 2022.

Managing allegations - Training slides (PDF)

Size: 652.12 KB

Managing allegations - Flowchart (PDF)

Size: 226.16 KB

Managing allegations - Leaflet (PDF)

Size: 623.13 KB

Training certificate - Right help at the right time threshold guidance 2023

Certification for course 'Right help at the right time threshold guidance 2023.' Just fill in your name and the date you attended.

DASH/MARAC webinar - Case study

A description of a scenario supporting the training course 'DASH/MARAC webinar - A reflective discussion'. To be read ahead of attending session. Published March 2022.

DASH/MARAC webinar - Case study (DOCX)

Size: 12.64 KB

Training handouts - Helping everyone affected by parents drinking - Awareness sessions

Documents supporting the course 'Helping everyone affected by parents drinking - Awareness sessions'. Published March 2022.

Course presentation - Child exploitation

Slides for the training course 'Child exploitation'. Published March 2022.

Requesting a certificate for attending SSP training

Guidance on how to request certification for having attended a training course offered by Swindon Safeguarding Partnership. Published March 2022.

Training certificate - Threshold framework - Right help at the right time

Certification for course 'Threshold framework - Right help at the right time'. Just fill in your name and the date you attended.

SSP courses charter

Document detailing training course commitments for the SSP business unit, trainers and delegates. Published April 2022.

SSP courses charter (PDF)

Size: 455.75 KB

SSP training area guide

Document explaining how to browse and book training on the Swindon Safeguarding Partnership website. Latest version published April 2022.

SSP training area guide (PDF)

Size: 887.08 KB

Training certificate - Keeping safe online and cyber exploitation

Certification for course 'Keeping safe online and cyber exploitation'. Just fill in your name and the date you attended.

Training certificate - Learning from safeguarding adults reviews/audits

Certification for course 'Learning from safeguarding adults reviews/audits'. Just fill in your name and the date you attended.

Training certificate - Single agency education safeguarding training

Certification for course 'Single agency education safeguarding training'. Just fill in your name and the date you attended.

Course presentations - Early help assessment and plan

Presentation slides for the training course 'Early help assessment and plan' - virtual and in-person versions. Published October 2022.

Early years inclusion FAQ's May 2022

Questions and answers relating to Dingley’s Promise Comic Relief Early Years Inclusion Project.

Early years inclusion FAQ's May 2022 (PDF)

Size: 555.23 KB

Early years inclusion training overview May 2022

Leaflet relating to Dingley’s Promise Early Years Inclusion Project.

Course presentation - Working with resistant families

Course presentation document. Published June 2022.

Clare's Law - Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) - 7-minute brief

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership 7-minute briefing document on Clare's Law and DVDS. Published June 2022.

Adolescent safeguarding learning event - Dorset, Wiltshire and Swindon

Slides for an adolescent safeguarding learning event. Relevant to all professionals involved in safeguarding adolescents, working in the local authority areas of Dorset, Swindon or Wiltshire.

Course presentation slides - Learning themes from safeguarding adult reviews and audits

Document showing slides from the presentation 'Learning themes from safeguarding adult reviews and audits'. Published August 2022.

Responding to sexual abuse powerpoint presentation

Password protected.

Training certificate - Spotlight on self-neglect and hoarding

Remembering Arthur and Star - recorded presentation

Slides providing an opportunity for professionals to reflect on learning themes from the national reviews into the deaths of Arthur and Star.

Training certificate - Swindon and Wiltshire risk of radicalisation virtual event

Document to certify attendance of the Swindon and Wiltshire risk of radicalisation virtual event in October 2023.