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Report a concern

The Swindon Safeguarding Partnership has developed a Threshold of Needs E-Guidance where professionals who are considering making a  safeguarding referral can use to help guide and support whether the reason/incident they are considering referring meets the eligibility criteria.

This Safeguarding Adults Threshold Guidance assists professionals in assessing the seriousness and level of risk associated with Safeguarding Adults Concerns and supports the decision making on how to report these concerns. Swindon Safeguarding Partners have agreed this guidance and it will form part of safeguarding training and decision making across all agencies.

Understanding of thresholds will increase the consistency of Adult Safeguarding responses and enable the Swindon Safeguarding Partnership to manage different levels of safeguarding concerns proportionately and effectively.

This guide contains lists of examples to support professionals in their decision-making on the best course of action; the lists are not exhaustive and the guidance does not replace professional judgement.

Threshold of Needs E-Guidance

A number of ways you can report abuse are detailed below.

Complete an online form:

Multi agency safeguarding adults online referral form

If the adult is in immediate danger, in need of medical attention or if a crime has been committed, contact the Emergency Services (Police and/or Ambulance Service).

Contact one of the following agencies depending on the circumstances:

Adult safeguarding team, Swindon Borough Council

Tel: 01793 463555

E-mail: (During office hours - Monday to Friday inclusive, 8.30am to 5.00pm). 


Safeguarding adults investigation team, Wiltshire Police

Tel: 01380 826350 (During office hours: Monday to Friday inclusive, 9.00am-5.00pm).


Out-of-hours emergency duty service

The emergency duty service is only for reporting safeguarding concerns that require urgent action out of normal working hours. Any other concerns should be forwarded to the Adult Safeguarding Team at, which will be processed the next working day.

Tel: 01793 436699


Police out-of-hours contact

Tel: 101