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Neglect is the most common reason why children are placed on a child protection plan, both locally and nationally. Neglect has also been a significant issue in Serious Case Reviews in Swindon, which highlights the need for a more robust and supportive multi-agency approach to neglect and the GCP2 provides this assessment tool. Swindon Safeguarding Partnership have purchased the licence for the GCP2 an evidence based assessment tool for Neglect.

What is the Graded Care Profile 2?

Ø It is an evidence based assessment tool for evaluating levels of parental care.

Ø Uses Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to ensure comprehensive coverage of child’s needs

Ø Uses a graded scale (1-5) to capture levels of child’s physical and emotional care

Ø Identifies parental strengths and concerns

Ø Focuses on the significant areas of neglect that are impacting the child’s holistic development

Ø Provides evidence that can inform outcome focused plans

The GCP2 assessment tool helps practitioners measure the quality of care a child is receiving and is designed to give a representative overview of the current level of care. The grades are based on observations and good quality evidence gathered during the assessment period.

This tool does not replace any of your current assessment methods, it integrates with our local processes and assessments in order to provide clear, specific evidence of the level of Neglect that is present (or not) within a family, and the impact that this is having on the child. This is the area that most agencies and professionals tell us that they struggle with when working with Neglect in a family at all levels of intervention.

For Further information regarding GCP2 visit:

Luton were an early adopter of GCP2 and this clip assists understanding about GCP2 and how it is used in practice –

Can anyone use the GCP2 assessment tool?

In order to begin using the GCP2 tool practitioners need to attend and pass a one-day training course that we are providing across Swindon. Training is delivered by a pool of multi-agency staff trained in GCP2.


From June 2020, (subject to circumstances regarding Covid-19) we will be prioritising GCP2 assessor training. It is apparent there are some key professionals who would benefit from this training. The courses are free but there are a limited number available during the year. If you wish to be considered please seek authorisation from you line manager and email your details to SSP email:

Further information/awareness sessions

There will be awareness briefings (dates to be confirmed) for managers and services across the Safeguarding Partnership regarding GCP2 explaining what the tool is, the language that they can expect to see used and what this means for professionals and families.

Principles and FAQ’s - to be updated in due course.