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Course name Safeguarding and self-neglect/hoarding (specialist module)
Course dates and times
  • Date: 9 February 2023
  • Time: 9.15am to 4.30pm
Course information

Training delivered in a virtual classroom on Zoom.

This one-day virtual workshop draws on research evidence and evidence from safeguarding adult reviews (SARs) to explore how good outcomes can be achieved in work with people who self-neglect. It demonstrates how strong understanding of this evidence base can assist in addressing the key challenges of practice and help all agencies to work together in effective interventions.

Course content is delivered using powerpoint presentation, video input, large and small group discussion, work on case studies and other exercises. Participants receive a workbook containing background materials, further details of the research and SAR learning, and additional resources to support practice.

Target group

This course is particularly suitable for staff from across the safeguarding partnership who need an in-depth understanding of self-neglect and hoarding.

Regardless of agency and professional role, staff will be working in posts where they are called upon to assess the needs of people who self-neglect and/or hoard, to undertake risk assessments, to plan interventions using appropriate legal powers and duties (including safeguarding), to promote effective multiagency working and to provide long-term support.

They may be practitioners working directly with individuals, operational managers, supervisors or those with specialist roles (such as safeguarding lead) within their agency.

Aims and objectives

  1. To explore the key challenges that face practitioners working with people who self-neglect:
    • To promote understanding of the signs, symptoms, causes and lived experience of self-neglect
    • To consider how to balance competing ethical principles: autonomy vs. protection
    • To recognise the significance of mental capacity and ensure robust assessment
  2. To enable practitioners and managers to understand and manage the key challenges of the organisational and interagency context in which self-neglect work takes place:
    • To consider organisational features that can help or hinder the achievement of good outcomes
    • To set out and evaluate the markers of good multiagency collaboration
    • To review and apply the legal powers and duties available to different agencies

Please note: There are both core and specialist modules on safeguarding and self-neglect/hoarding. You should only attend one of these modules and do not need to complete the core module before completing the specialist module. The course content is very similar for each module, but is more in-depth on the specialist module.

If you are unsure which module to attend, please review the course information as this provides some guidance depending on your role.



This charge will apply if your agency is required to pay.

More information about fees and whether your agency is required to pay: Training programme information and frequently asked questions

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9 February 2023

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