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Innovation fund for Alcohol Dependent Parents

Published: Monday, 16th December 2019

6 week Parent Education Programme, Peer led to support wider family and carers, Therapeutic support and mentoring for children.

Through the Innovation funding we have Therapeutic Social Worker Practitioners available to work with children and their parents on a one to one basis as well as STEP who will deliver bespoke group interventions for children 7-16 years.  We have very few referrals for these interventions yet National research tells us alcohol is a factor in:

· 40% of domestic violence incidents

· 40% of child protection cases

· 74% of child mistreatment cases

· In half of these cases, no action is taken to address the drinking – we have resources in place now to support this!!

We have partners at Turning Point to support parents as well as LIFT Psychology at the CCG.  We will accept professional Judgement for referrals if the parent is in denial about their drinking and will be able to support the children and young people providing we have parental consent

Please can you push this message through your teams.  Please contact the Early Help Hub on 01793 466479 to access these interventions. Download the leaflet here