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Building a Resilient Swindon

Published: Thursday, 1st April 2021

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Swindon learning programme launch event: Tuesday 20th April at 11.30am

The Building A Resilient Swindon learning programme launch event:
90 minute conference style webinar on Tuesday 20th April at 11.30am


Please use this link to register to attend the launch session
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Building a Resilient Swindon Flyer

Swindon has been working with KCA, a leading training provider around the themes
of attachment, trauma and resilience, since 2013. This new, vital and exciting learning
programme will build on and bring together the different strands of that work. Up to 160
practitioners from right across the system will be identified to access a comprehensive
programme of learning enabling them to champion a trauma-informed approach to
recovery from pandemic and beyond.
Trauma, in its different forms, and the adversity and stress that cause it, fragments
communities and traps individuals in cycles of harm. People are protected and recover
from trauma when communities are resilient and everyone has access to others who
will co-regulate, guide and support them. This is network resilience, this is place-based