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Children's neglect framework and practice guidance - September 2020

Guidance for Swindon professionals when working with families where there are concerns about neglect. Latest version published September 2020.

Child sexual exploitation: Professional's handbook - Spring 2017

Handbook designed to support all professionals in their work with children involved in, or at risk of, child sexual exploitation. Latest version published Spring 2017.

Cross border protocol

Guidance focusing specifically on safeguarding responsibilities in relation to children who move across local authority borders. Latest version published October 2019.

Cross border protocol (PDF)

Size: 585.73 KB

Disabled children: Additional child protection procedures

Guidance on additional procedures that safeguarding professionals need to follow when working with disabled children. Latest version published May 2019.

Disabled children: Intimate care guidance

Guidance for safeguarding professionals providing intimate care to disabled children. Complements additional guidance for working with disabled children. Latest version published March 2014.

Unborn baby protocol

Document providing practitioners with guidance to assist with decision making with pre-birth assessments and safeguarding referrals to children’s social care. Latest version published October 2017.

Unborn baby protocol (PDF)

Size: 461.54 KB

Escalation policy

Multi-agency policy on resolution of professional disagreements relating to the safeguarding and protection of children in Swindon. Latest version published September 2019.

Escalation policy (PDF)

Size: 522.5 KB

Example child protection policy for community organisations

Document providing a template for community organisations to create a child protection policy. Latest version published May 2016.

Female genital mutilation (FGM): Multi-agency guidance

Guidance about FGM for practitioners and volunteers who work with children and young people, and for groups who work with the parents of children. Latest version published November 2017.