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7-minute briefs and learning resources to improve practice

We have introduced ‘seven minute briefings’ to allow managers to deliver a short briefing to staff on key topics – they can also be used to support reflective discussion with practitioners.

7 minute briefings are based on a technique borrowed from the FBI! Research suggests that seven minutes is an ideal time span to concentrate and learning is more memorable as it is simple and not clouded by other issues and pressures. Their brief duration should also mean that they hold people’s attention, as well as giving managers something to share with their staff.

Clearly such short briefings will not have all the answers, but it is hoped that they will act as a catalyst to help teams and their managers to reflect on their practice and systems. The expectation is that team leaders will present briefings to their staff, on a regular basis – seven minutes is manageable in most services so why not discuss one in your next team meeting?

Our briefings will be issued on a regular basis, providing a mixture of new information or a reminder of basic information with challenge for teams to think about the application to practice within their teams. 

We also publish a 7 minute briefing a part of each Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) and Child Safeguarding Practice Review (CSPR) learning pack.

All agencies completing a brief should record or evidence how they have used our 7 minute briefings on the SSP 7MB Action Plan proforma

Resource pack for sharing learning and improving practice

We have also developed resource packs to raise awareness about topics that the safeguarding partnership want professionals to embed into their practice.  The expectation is that the resource will be used widely such as in team meetings, as part of group/individual supervision or for your own development.  The resource can be used either as a whole or for you to dip in and out at your convenience.

We want to know about your experience of using the resources and how much your practice has changed/improved as a result of learning from reviews and audits. There is a feedback form at the end of the document for you to complete. So please give us your feedback.

The briefings and resource packs can be downloaded from the table below.

Seven Minute Brief's/Resource Pack Date Published

What is a Seven Minute Brief

May 2020
What is a Rapid Review May 2020
Child Protections Standards May 2020
GCP2 June 2020
Private Fostering July 2020
Early Help Sept 2020
Problem Gambling Sept 2020
Children's Neglect Framework Oct 2020

Mental Capacity Act Brief

Mental Capacity Act Presentation 

7 Minute Briefings CAA SG-V1

CA Advocacy in SG presentation

Oct 2020
7 minute brief CP Conference Model Oct 2020

7 Minute Brief Professional Disagreement Escalation 

Nov 2020

7 Minute Brief SARC

7 Minute Brief Coercive Control 

7 Minute Brief - Suspected Injuries in Non Mobile Babies

Please note that there is audio commentary on the first slide. 

Dec 2020

Resource pack for sharing learning and improving practice - Professional Curiosity 

Useful clips to watch/listen’ to access the video please click on the image to open the hyperlink

Jan 2021

SSP Briefing Multi-Agency Audit - Mental Health

Feb 2021

Safeguarding Adolescents

March 2021
7 Minute Brief Self Neglect April 2021

CV19 Practice Briefing

Capturing the Voice of the Child in records

Briefing effective information sharing and consent

May 2021