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About Abuse

Please note that following the formation of the Swindon Safeguarding Partnership on 28th July 2019 the LSCB no longer exists. This page will be updated to reflect the new partnership shortly.

What is Abuse?

 Being mistreated or abused (sometimes called significant harm) is often put into four groups.

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Physical Abuse is when an adult deliberately hurts a child such as hitting, shaking, throwing, poisoning, burning, drowning or suffocation.

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Emotional Abuse could happen, for example, if a child is always being blamed for everything or told that they are stupid and made to feel unhappy.

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Neglect is where a child is not being looked after properly, or not getting enough to eat or being left alone in dangerous situations.

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Sexual Abuse could be where a child is made to take part in sexual activities or in the taking of rude photos.

How can you keep you and your friends safe?

  • Tell someone you trust if someone is making you feel uncomfortable
  • If you think someone is behaving suspiciously, tell someone
  • Don't take gifts from people you don't know very well
  • Don't leave home without telling your parents/carers where you are going
  • Should loudly if someone is asking you to do something you are not happy about
  • Never accept lifts from strangers
  • If you go out with friends, stick together, even if you fall out