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Drugs and Alcohol

It won't solve the problem

cartoon image of drugs

Drugs and/or alcohol are never going to make a problem better. What's more, substances will create other problems and make your life worse.  In a survey completed by youth health talk  young people described how (after drinking or taking drugs) their problems were still there, waiting for them when they were no longer high or intoxicated. If you are worried about anything, the best thing to do is to talk to someone you trust and to get help. Your family doctor, a youth worker, or a teacher are all good places to start.

But all my friends are doing it

Saying  no to peer pressure and doing what you feel comfortable with can be really difficult. It is true that peer pressure is horrible, but remember you don’t have to agree with everything your friends think, say or do, and this includes using drugs or drinking to excess.  You even may find that friends respect you more for saying ‘no’. If you have a good relationship with your parents, talk to them about the pressures you face. People who want to stop using drugs should stop hanging round with other drug users.

Knowledge is power

Make sure you know your facts about drugs before you do anything and do not take your friend’s word as factual information; in all honesty he or she may know even less than you. There are lots of organisations that can provide you with all the (confidential) information and advice you need.  A good place to visit is youthhealthtalk or for free confidential advice talk to Frank

Learnt to drink alcohol in moderation

Drinking alcohol is an important aspect of British culture and drinking small amounts can be safe.  The dangers lie in getting drunk and losing control.  If you feel depressed, do not try and ‘drown’ your feelings with alcohol. You may already know that alcohol is a depressant and will only make you feel even more depressed.  Be aware of the risks of drinking and learn to keep yourself safe.  Learn to recognise that when you are using drugs and/or intoxicated you are very vulnerable indeed.  

If you need help

Uturn is a specialist service in Swindon that provides help and guidance to young people who have alcohol or drug related problems.  The service is targeted at 10-18 year olds and encourages referrals from young people and their parents or carers.  Contact Uturn on 01793 464622 or